Highlights from our Ill fated trip to the Russian River

All pictures are from July 26-31 1999 and have been taken with an Olypus D-400 digital camera at SHQ level and then auto-leveled and reduced in PhotoShop.

The Bridge over the River. This is where we spent a lot of time when we were not in the cabin.

Devin on the swing that my friend Bruce Witt built in his back yard in Forrestville. We had a lovely time spending an afternoon here.
Devin on a swing

Shawn, Pat Witt and a sleepy Rory. Seated here on the deck behind the Witt's house

Devin & Maria on the cliffs above Goat Rock Beach.

Devin & Rory on the Beach at Whist? beach (Just south of Goat Rock).

Chato manning the grill out side the cabin.