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Problem printing to HP LaserJet 5si with LaserWriter 8.4.1

Mike Regal has found out that if you use LaserWriter 8.4.1 drivers to print a single-page duplex job to an HP LaserJet 5si printer, it will crash the printer. CompuCom is bringing up the matter with HP and I am going to pursue it from Apple's end.

For now, if you are using LaserWriter 8.4.1 and printing to an HP 5si, make sure that you're not printing a duplex job if the job is only one page long. If a 5si printer near you has crashed and has the following message on it's display:

        79 SERVICE (0142)
        Trap:0D Adr:007D1588

just power cycle it and it will come back OK.


PowerPC Interrupt Extension

Apple has released a patch for PCI Mac running System 7.5.5. This patch fixes a problem that shows up with sound manager callback use, such as in games, but may or may not be in any program, depending on how sounds and interrupts are used. The problem shows itself as a "freeze" where suddenly system just stops working, no mouse, no sound, no nothing.

The PowerPC Interrupt Extension is available from Apple. []


New Virex Update

DataWatch has release an update to Virex. This update deals almost exclusively with Word Macro viruses.

Download: [Virex Update 1/31/97]


New Files from Apple

Three new releases from Apple are now available on the Argus server.

Open Transport version 1.1.1

This new version of Open Transport addresses some key problems in version 1.1. Among the problems fixed are:

More information is available in the Read Me files. Open Transport is available from Apple. []

LaserWriter 8.4.1

This version of the LaserWriter drivers is a minor update that fixes problems found in version 8.4.

LaserWriter 8.4.1 is available from Apple. []

ColorSync 2.1.1

New ColorSync technology improves color matching between your Monitor and your color printer. For more information, check out what Apple has to say about ColorSync.

GeoPort-Express Modem 3.0 Updater

For Power Macintosh users with GeoPort Telecom Adapter, this update provides support for V.34 protocols, which allow data transfer at speeds up to 28.8 Kbps. The actual speed you get with your GeoPort Telecom Adapter will depend on factors such as telephone line noise conditions and the hardware design of your modem. Although your actual data transfer speeds may be higher or lower, the common data transfer speeds will be between 16.8 Kbps and 24 Kbps.

For Express Modem users, this update provides software improvements, but does not provide any speed increase to the Express Modem. For System 7.5.5 users, it is recommended that you install this update.

In addition, this update provides software improvement (but no speed increase) for Centris/Quadra 660AV/840AV users; automatically disconnects an active call on Performas and PowerMacs if Sleep is selected from the Special Menu; uses GeoPort/Express Modem connection script with Apple Remote Access; and makes many additional bug fixes and improvements.


Global Village Ethernet Update

Macintosh PowerBook 5300s using Global Village PC cards for their Ethernet access should be sure to update their ethernet drivers to version 1.1.

Unfortunately, I don't know of a way to check the current version of the ethernet driver, so you may want to run the updater anyway.


More on System 7.5.5 Update

Here is a good resource for installing the System 7.5.5 update:

MacFixIt Site


New System Update from Apple

Apple has released System 7.5.5 update. They recommend that everyone who is running System 7.5.3 update to 7.5.5. Here's an overview of the package from the included documentation:

What is the System 7.5.5 Update?

The System 7.5.5 Update is a set of system software enhancements that improves the reliability and performance of all Macintosh and Mac OS-compatible computers running system software version 7.5.3. The System 7.5.5 Update also includes all of the improvements delivered with System 7.5.3 Revision 2. Therefore, it is not necessary to install System 7.5.3 Revision 2 before installing System 7.5.5 Update.

Who should install the System 7.5.5 Update?

Apple recommends that all customers who are currently using System 7.5.3 should install the System 7.5.5 Update. If you are using a system software version prior to System 7.5.3, you must upgrade to System 7.5.3 before you install this update. (If you are using System 7.5, 7.5.1, or 7.5.2, you can use System 7.5 Update 2.0 to upgrade to System 7.5.3.).

Please read the ReadMe file associated with this update for details on upgrading.


Conflict - Virex & Open Transport

We have determined that there is a conflict between the Virex control panel and Open Transport. The conflict shows when you attempt to change the setting of the AppleTalk control panel while Virex is "On" in the Virex control panel. The error is most apparent to people who are using portable Macs and ARA. DataWatch (makers of Virex) are aware of the problem and are addressing it.


Even Newer LaserWriter Released!

Apple has released LaserWriter 8.4. This release incorporates a lot of the LaserWriter GX functionality into mainstream Macintosh printing. Some of the new features are:


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