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QuickTime 2.5

Apple has released version 2.5 of QuickTime for the Macintosh. This version of QuickTime is aimed at the Music industy and the Internet. The MIDI connection has been reworked (which pleases the Music industry) and a new feature works with Nertscape 3.0 to allow QuickTime files to begin playing before they finish loading. (Nifty, Huh?)

For more info check out Apple's QuickTime site or the QuickTime Plug-in Sample Site


Eudora 3.0

Qualcomm has released Eudora Pro 3.0 for Macintosh. Some of the key new features:


UNITY is here!

Apple Computer, Inc. has released MacOS 7.5.3 (Codename "Unity"). This is a single installer that will install MacOS 7.5.3 on any Macintosh since the Mac Plus.

This Release is the same as installing the following other installers:

For more information on the changes, installation tips, etc. See the "Apple Documents" folder on in the System Updates folder on Argus.


AppleTalk Remote Access 2.1 Released

Apple Computer has release an updated version of ARA. This release is very similar to the existing 2.0.x version of ARA that you are already using, but it adds some enhancements for 'High Speed Serial Connections' and other items (including cleaning up the plethora of modem scripts that it installs.

For more information, read the ReadMe file that is available.


New LaserWriter Driver Released

Apple has released the 8.3.4 version of LaserWriter 8. this version is aimed at the PCI machines, but all Macs running 7.5.3 (Have you upgraded yet?) should be able to use this version without any problems.

Also released, shortly after, is the latest version of "LaserWriter 8 Patch" by Neil Mickelson. LW8 Patch modifies the LaserWriter 8 driver to make it easier to use some of the features (like n-up printing).


System 7.5.3 revision 2

Apple released a patch to System 7.5.3, called System 7.5.3 Revision 2. Unlike the mammoth System 7.5 Update 2.0 (which shipped on some 14 floppy disks, contained major updates to the system architectures and introduced new technologies like Open Transport 1.1), System 7.5.3 Revision 2 contains only a small number of improvements for a specific range of machines.

**Who's Affected** -- Apple stresses that the update is intended only for users of the following Macintoshes:

The System 7.5.3 Revision 2 installer does not have a Remove feature, so (as always!) consider backing up your system folder before installing. Also, though the update ships on two floppy disk images, that's purely to accommodate different installations of System 7.5.3 - many users will never be prompted for the second disk. Unfortunately, I don't know whether you can successfully use System 7.5.3 Revision 2 with non-U.S. versions of System 7.5.3.

**What's Fixed** -- The most notable fixes in System 7.5.3 Revision 2 involve PowerBooks. First and foremost, PowerBooks running versions of RAM Doubler prior to 1.6.2 now wake up properly - formerly, these machines would fail to wake up from sleep mode unless MacsBug was installed. The update also fixes problems associated with using and formatting PC disks in PowerBook 500 and Duo 200-series PowerBooks with PowerPC upgrades. These disks should now be readable on DOS and Windows computers. Overall performance on PowerBooks with PowerPC upgrade cards should also be improved.

In addition, a rare problem with PCI Power Macs failing to start up from the drive selected in the Startup Disk control panel has been fixed.

Finally, the most subtle change in the update (which Apple vaguely characterizes as "improved reliability") involves the Dynamic Recompiling (DR) 68K emulator used in recent Mac models. The emulator is highly reliable, but the update fixes a problem that happened in an obscure set of circumstances and sometimes caused data corruption. Because the problem occurred so rarely and at such a low level, it's impossible to point to any specific symptoms it might have caused; however, because the 68K emulator is used so extensively, it's better to have the problem resolved than lurking in the shadows.


Major System Update

System 7.5 Update 2.0 was released by Apple Computer on April 9. This update contains a lot of bug fixes and system enhancements. Please take the time to upgrade your Mac.

New Fileservers on-line & more coming

In order to better serve the growing comunity, ECS is in the process of replacing the Engineering Mac Fileserver with several new machines. The machines that will be used are a combination of a PowerMac server and several NT servers.

The PowerMac server is called "Argus" and it will take the place of Guardian. This server will be used to distribute Macintosh software. It will not be used to store data on.

The NT servers will be used primaraily as data servers. NT servers have been choosen for this purpose because they can store both Macintosh and Windows (95 & NT) data. These servers will be housed in the ECS data centers and will be administered by ECS, but they will be financed by the individual Business Units/Departments that require them.

Look for more information soon regarding the migration of data from Protector, Sentinel, Warden & WatchDog to the NT Servers. More information on Getting an NT account or the NT Network Map is available.

Meeting Maker Upgraded

Meetting Maker has been upgraded to version 3.1.1. This is good news for several reasons.

LaserWriter 8.3

Apple Computer has released a new version of the LaserWriter driver. This version is an improvement over the previous versions. New Print Monitor allows "Drag & Drop" printing and increased stability.

Make sure that you install the "Non-Apple Printer Descriptions".

System 7.5

System 7.5 is available

You can now upgrade your Macintosh's Operating System to 7.5. System 7.5 has proven to be the most stable version of the MacOS to date.

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