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18-Sep-00 -- Introducing Moose! --

We've adopted a 3-year-old Chocolate Lab named Moose. What's that? You want to see pictures?! Well, alright... Pictures of Moose and More. Oh. The Fireworks pictures are up as well.

1-Aug-00 -- Back from Vacation --

We're back form vaction. (I took the month of July off) and there are pictures from Europe and Austin, TX. There will soon also be pictures from the Pyro show at Shoreline, but I haven't gotten them transferred to the server yet.

16-Apr-00 -- Surprise visit! --

Our Friend Robert "Beau" Taylor showed up for a visit. Check out Pictures! Beau and his wife Nicole live out in Virginia, but he drove up on a Motorcycle...

30-Mar-00 -- Nothing much --

Just wanted to let you, the faithful, know that I was thinking about you. :-) I've been taking pictures with the D400, but they are mostly just sitting on my Mac at home. I've even got a bunch of the bears that Shawn has made. They'll be available for viewing in Shawn's directory. BTW- There may be another annoucement regarding this eventually...

28-Feb-00 -- Whew. I gotta pay attention --

In case you hadn't noticed (which you probably haven't base ont he number of hits I get), the WebCam is once again off line. The software that I've been using has a memory leak and it kills itself (and the Mac it's running on) with great regularity.

On the House front: Yes, we got the house and we moved in near the end of October. Now that we've been there long enough to completely unpack and have managed to rearrange the garage a few times. (Those of you who know Shawn will smile about that.)

We're having a House Warming party on 12-March, so if you're in town, drop me a message.

Mac OS X is coming soon. If you don't know anything about it, it's the new OS for the Mac that's actually UNIX based. For a really good overview/review that's somewhat technical, but worht the read check out Ars Technica's review by John Siracusa.

One more thing... Should I archive the mass of text below or just wipe it out? Do people come here to read this ort just to get to the pictures?

13-Sep-99 -- The return of the WebCam --

The WebCam is back on line. It took a little soldering and it's not as clear as it was, but it's up!

On the house front. We're currently in escrow. It's scheduled to end 8-Oct. There's a few minor things to be done (wall paper that has to go, painting, fix illegal wiring, etc.) but we hope to be there in time for the boys to go trick or treating. :-)

31-Aug-99 -- The House --

It looks like we may be moving soon... We just put an offer in on a house! We're still figuring it all out, but it's looking good. Here are some pictures

2-Aug-99 -- The Vacation --

Just got back from a "vacation" on the Russian River. The cool part of this is that our trusty Nikon camera died just before we were going, so I had an excuse to go out and buy a digital camera. I bought an Olympus D-400 at CostCo for $549. I kinda wanted the Nikon CoolPix 700, but the Olympus was available and the CoolPix wasn't (I had to do it on a Sunday...)

Anyway, the vacation was pretty much hellish because one after another of us got sick ("Summer Stomach bug" was what the doctor called it) and I had to drive back into work for a couple of days in the middle.

Anyway, here are some pictures of the happier moments. Enjoy!

22-mar-99 -- The Deep Field! --

Wow. I just saw the coolest new band on Saturday night at a Bay Area Action fundraiser. They're called The Deepfield. They are Insanely Great!tm To tickle your ears, here's an MPEG3 of them covering a song by the Church from their HeyDay import album -- Myrrh! (More coming)

The set list for Saturday night (all are orignal tunes except Myrrh):

  • Disconnected
  • Siren
  • Dressing Grey
  • Bluetime
  • The Pleasure Garden
  • Away
  • Just for a Day
  • De Cherico
  • Break
  • Myrrh

They are in the studio now recording their first CD.

1-Mar-99 -- Welcome!! --

I hope that you enjoy my site. As you can see from the messages below, I don't update this page very often. That doesn't mean that I don't care, just that I'm so busy living life. ;-)

If you're looking for pictures, check out some of the embedded links below or click on the "About the MacDude" icon above. I'll post more soon (probably from Christmas.)

24-Dec-98 -- Merry Christmas! --

As you might image, things have been pretty busy. Now Christmas is here and the weather has finally turned a bit colder. I've posted some Christmas Photos for people to look at. Enjoy and have a peaceful new year. (Watch out for that Y99 bug!)

12-Aug-98 -- Moving right along --

Wheew! There's something sooo sweet about being on an airplane surronded by people using Windows Laptops and then pulling out my G3. The screen is massive and clear and the looks of disgust/envy/hope is nice.

I'll be traveling more with it and now I have my CoolPad to take with me.

30-Jul-98 -- It's very nice --

I've named my new G3 "Schwing" because it's such a joy to use. I have no dead or stuck pixels and I have had no crashes running anything (including Win98 via Virtual PC).

On the other hand, I haven't been able to get WinBench to run all the way through the tests, so I don't know how fast it is. It *seems* fast, but it's hard to tell.

My office at work is moving, so you may not have any good images on the WebCam for a while... Also, I'll be heading to New Hampshire for most of next week.

23-Jul-98 -- It's here!--

I got my new G3 PowerBook! I ended up getting the 14.1" 292MHz bundle because I didn't want to wait for the custom order 13.3" 292MHz through the Apple Store. Right now I'm, loading it up and I hope to have it fully fuinctional by the beginning of next week. (I'm going campiong this weekend, so I'll be off tomorrow.)

I'm going to load Connectix's Virtual PC on it and then do som WinBench testing to see how fast it is... :-) I'll post the results here when I get them.

14-Jul-98 -- Two Days in a row. --

I wanted to tell you about the WebCam I set up. It's really just a way to let my wife and co-workers know if I'm in my cube. (It looks like I need to do some work in Shawn's area...)

13-Jul-98 -- More already? --

Well, it's Monday and I've made good on my promise to update the pictures of my family. It looks like I'm also getting my wish regarding no one reading this page because I haven't gotten any feedback. Perhaps it's too soon to tell, or maybe it's because you don't have an embedded link... Well you're not gonna get one; you'll just have to scroll to mthe bottom of the page and click on the one there. ;-)

So what do you think of the graphics on the page? Do you like the MacDude logo? (Yeah, I know. It's a rip off of the MacOS logo, but I think the animation is cool.) Or perhaps you'd like to see less (or more) motions and interactivity? I've been futzing around with some simple JavaScripts, but nothing that *needs* to be implemented.

I'll be travelling on business to Austin the 16-21. I'm taking my family so that they can enjoy the heat. Austin is a nice place, but I don't think that I can leave Palo Alto just yet. The Silicon Valley has too much too offer right now.

Quick plug- MacInk is a great new site that is run by Mark Crosten at the SJMercury. It's very refreshing and interesting to read. Keep up the goo work Mark!

7-Jul-98 -- Hey, this is new! --

I've decided that I need to let people know more about what is happening. I'm hoping that no one will read this stuff, but then you can't have everything.

I'm going to buy a new Mac. I've decided that even though they are no longer going to be supported at Cisco Systems, Inc. as of August, 1998, I *need* to have one of the new G3 PowerBooks (Codename: Wall Street)

Having said that, I also want to get it down on virtual paper that I promise to update the pictures of my family before the end of July. Rory completes his firt year on July 19 and the most recent picture that I have of him is from August of last year. :-(

Keep the faith!
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